Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

its been a while

wow, alot has happened since i last blogged. im still  kinda getting used to this. anyway....I have been really busy at school, been struggling alot. but i am now back up and caught up in my classes so thats really good. My FM keeps breaking and shit, so thats been even harder but still trying to sort things out. 
Soccer has been really good, so im really happy about that, we won our last couple games so thats good, and i have been working really hard. so far we are the 2nd team with the most shotouts(no goals scored on the goalie) and thats me because i only play goalie. 
I also went to an event today for the sam simon foundation. and found out today that i will be getting my hearing dog, in about a month. so im soo exictied about that. i can't wait. i loves dogs and its going to help me understand whats sounds are going around me. so i can't wait. it will also help me be more indepentednt. and also i will be able to sleep alone but knowing that there is someone there that can hear. cause noraml i sleep in my moms room on the couch because im afirad of sleeping in my room and in case something happens i can't hear. so it would be really nice
I also made a video on youtube about PROP 8, because i belive in gay marraige and i want to get married someday. its somthing that straight teens don't have to worry about, but i do because if it doesn't happen, then ya. 
here is the link 

i have also met a girl that i really its been a really good week for me. so ya.
chat soon

Monday, August 4, 2008


well, i was wtih my relatives for like an month and it was really hard for me. because like everyone was talking all over the place and i couldn't understand anything was saying and by the time someone translated something for me, it was on to another topic, so i couldn't get a response in. and it made me think, hearing with the two implants that i used to have, was soo much easier, then just only having one ear work. so i am still pretty struggling to understand what people are saying. But i just put on a happy face and say ya i can hear you pretty good. but i can't. 

Summer is almost over, got about a month left. but im keeping myself busy. doing my sports so thats always good. helping my dad with his new house, since my parents are seprated and are on the process of getting divroced. so that is pretty hard, and its going to get nasty soon, so thats sucks. and it hard for me, cause i can't really be around stress or it will tigger my PTSD, which is really bad, since its been in the calm area for like 5 months now. which im really happy about. and it also been about one year and 6 months since i have not gone into the ER, which is soo good, cause i was always in the hsotipal for like almost 6 years now. but the last time i went, was into the OR for my new cochlear implant sugrey. which was nothing. been through worse. so thats good

Thursday, July 24, 2008

totally new at this

hey, well i am totally new at this, my freinds thought i should kinda talk and like express of what i gone throught with my deafness and the hardship is has been. like not being able to go to school, getting in trouble of who i am, not able to wear my implant for a period of time, having multplie sugreies so i can just hear. so ya and i also don't really know alot of deaf or hard of hearing people cause i was like always surrand by hearing people and was fully mianstreamed in like 2nd grade.